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Since 1995, David Plakke Media has been located in the West Village of Manhattan at Westbeth Artist Studios.

With services ranging from formal CEO portraits to celebrity spokes-persons, dance company video-projections in 4K to documentation of art, installations and events, my team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible visual documentation at a price tailored to your budget.

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About me

I’ve dedicated my life to the creation of images, both still and moving.

After receiving my Master of Fine Arts in photography and film-making, I spent a decade in education, the last faculty position held with Sandy Skoglund at Rutgers University, Newark.

Being an educator – that is, sharing information -  remains a part of my working fabric with the inclusion of clients as collaborators in the sessions’ creative process.

Regarding events, I function as a sniper with my camera, shooting in an un-obstructive style by using my long lens as a documentarian’s tool with minimal interference.  

As importantly to my shooting style, I am a trained distance athlete –swimmer, biker, marathoner – treating each event as an endurance race. Well aware of how to prepare for a long shoot and how to pace myself during what is typically a non-stop, densely packed series of activities, my team and I will remain vigilant until the final light is off.

I also play the saxophones.

Pleasefeel free to contact me at david@davidplakke.com.

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